Everything we know about Reem Hills so far

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Reem Hills

An innovative gated community worth AED 8 billion is being built by Q Properties and will be located on Reem Island. Reem Hills is a huge residential complex with 1.8 million square meters that is perfect for anyone seeking a perfect balance of luxury and serenity. Here is everything we currently know about Reem Hills, a predicted Abu Dhabi real estate game-changer.


Reem Hills, a gated community, will be located in the center of Abu Dhabi. The construction would offer a luxurious lifestyle with panoramic views, hills, and possibly a waterway. From the development’s highest height, residents would have unlimited 360-degree views of lush vegetation and azure ocean waves.

The large residential project is reinventing the idea of connection and involvement with a range of leisure spaces. This neighborhood was created to give its residents a sense of tranquility. Thanks to its parks, beaches, and restaurants, this town will become a sought-after location.

The Villas

Each of the four architectural styles used to construct the villas in Reem Hills gives residents a sense of luxury. Potential owners and tenants might choose among zen, frame, simple, and cubic designs.

In addition to the themed options, residents can choose from 5- or 7-bedroom villas. Every house has a lot of room and a big yard.

Let’s examine the numerous villa architectural designs at Reem Hills Abu Dhabi in more detail.

Design in Zen

Simple Asian dwellings’ architectural influences can be seen in this particular style. These villas’ fusion of modern and oriental design will let you unwind. If you want to create a calm environment, zen design might be what you’re looking for.

Frame layout

The homes with Frame designs can be of interest to you if you enjoy framed vistas. These modern villas are perfect for families seeking seclusion.

Simple Design

Who could refuse a house with a basic design? Families searching for contemporary homes with expansive views will love these villas.

Square Design

These mansions are a beautiful example of how beauty and rhythm can coexist. The large glass windows are strategically placed so that abundant natural light enters these square homes, which adds to their appeal.

Reem Hills Way of Life


The Reem Hills residential development will include a variety of amenities and will provide homeowners an unequaled choice of lifestyle alternatives.

Reem Hills will have schools and nurseries, as well as a community center to promote social interaction. Other amenities will include mosques, boutiques, restaurants and cafes, medical facilities, and clubhouses.


Several parks will be created at Reem Hills Abu Dhabi to fulfill the promise of lush green surroundings. Reem Hills will contain a variety of parks, including:

  • Park in the neighborhood
  • The linear park
  • Park in a small space
  • Hill in the landscape
  • Park for the community
  • Tracks for jogging and cycling
  • Sporting arena
  • Seating area with shade

Recreational Space

Sandy beaches will be an enviable feature of the recreational areas at Reem Hills, allowing residents to spend quality time with their families at the beach. If you want a quick summary of your current beach options in Abu Dhabi, check out these fantastic beaches in Abu Dhabi.

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