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Through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has launched its most recent effort to improve and ensure transparency in the real estate market. The DLD Madmoun service is now being implemented, according to a circular sent by DLD. Here is everything we currently know about the newest electricity technology.


The Trakheesi System will provide access to the Dubai Land Department’s Madmoun service. A rapid response (QR Code) will be granted for real estate advertisement permits as part of this service. Madmoun is an aspect of the DLD’s mission to establish and enhance governance in real estate processes while also increasing investor trust.

Madmoun, DLD’s electronic service, will become live on April 24, 2023. Real estate companies are expected to include the QR code in their print and audiovisual adverts. Customers and investors can use the QR code to validate advertisement information on the official DLD website, such as advertising company data and property aspects.


As previously announced, the Dubai Land Department’s Madmoun service will allow clients to check the accuracy and legitimacy of any property listing. Customers only need to scan the QR code on any ad to view the property information and confirm whether it is still available. Real estate companies will be required to activate QR codes using the Trakheesi system. Any company that fails to comply with the service will face penalties.

Madmoun might be referred to as the new Dubai Land Department property advertisement verification service. Remember that RERA will only allow advertising containing QR codes. In addition, potential clients will be able to visit DLD’s website to view the whole advertisement, company and property information, and if the property is still available for rent or sale. The given URL can be protected to guarantee that no changes are made to the data.


The goal of DLD’s Madmoun Service, according to Marwan bin Ghalita, CEO of RERA at DLD, is to increase transparency in the real estate market.

“The service aligns with DLD’s strategy to make Dubai ‘The World Leader in Real Estate Investments’ by leveraging technology to develop real estate products in accordance with the wise leadership’s directives.” It also supports DLD’s mandate of achieving the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33,’ which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, to generate new economic value from digital transformation in order to achieve His Highness’ vision of establishing Dubai as a global capital of the digital economy and a key player in the global digital system.”

“We are constantly keen on enhancing and ensuring transparency in the real estate sector,” he continued. Based on a cutting-edge digital infrastructure and competent human cadres, we will continue to empower the real estate community with proactive and efficient real estate services and integrated data. This will contribute to the real estate sector’s long-term development and expansion by keeping up with best international practices and standards and promoting Dubai as a pioneering example in this industry.”

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The Dubai Real Estate ad verification service will begin on April 24, 2023.


The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai is in charge of supervising all real estate transactions and related activities. Read our RERA guide to learn about all of its functionalities.


DLD’s role in supervising the real estate market is significant. Our blog describes DLD’s services as well as other topics. The newest try to help companies and investors is the Dubai Land Department’s property ad verification service.

Madmoun is just another step in ensuring that Dubai remains an appealing market for both domestic and international investors. The implementation of this DLD service will lower the likelihood of fraudulent transactions and contribute to the creation of a favorable environment for consumers and companies.

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