Dubai Land Department’s REST app: everything you need to know

Dubai Land Department's REST app: everything you need to know

The Dubai REST platform, a comprehensive smart solution that enables a wide range of real estate services, was introduced during Cityscape Global 2018. Key players in the UAE real estate industry can obtain important services from the innovative mobile application, including access to up-to-date information from the government, through it. Let’s examine the Dubai REST app’s features and how to use them in more detail.


the DLD’s introduction The Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) Dubai REST app has established Dubai as a premier smart city worldwide. Real Estate Self Transaction is referred to as “REST.” Since it enables customers in Dubai to perform real estate transactions independently with various parties around-the-clock, the term is self-explanatory. In keeping with Dubai’s green drive, the software enables full digital management of real estate transactions, which not only cuts down on the time needed for some processes but also eliminates paperwork.

Landlords can trade and sell homes at any time thanks to the app, which eliminates conventional restrictions on the real estate transaction procedure. The software helps users save a lot of time and work by allowing them to manage every aspect of the real estate transaction process online.


You may carry out all kinds of real estate trade and transactions, as well as online services like Ejari registration and mortgage, thanks to the Dubai REST smartphone app.

The system enables banks to provide direct mortgages, transfer funds into customers’ accounts, and directly decommission mortgages during transactions.

The software offers Dubai-based and international landlords a simple way to rent their apartments and handle their utility, internet, and water bill payments. They can avoid paying for management and service personnel thanks to this. Through the REST app, they may also manage their debts in cooperation with authorised trustees for properties that have already been delivered and owners associations for those that are still under development.


On the Dubai REST app, you may complete various legal requirements and gather information about real estate agents, their categories, management businesses, and licensed developers.

Some of the choices on the Dubai REST app are listed below.

  • Services Catalogue
  • Verification of Title Deeds
  • Registrations of Title Deeds
  • Project Status (Mashrooi)
  • Inquiry into Procedure Status
  • Calculator for Professional Fees
  • Verification of Valuation Certificate
  • Transactions in Real Estate, by Region
  • The creation of certificates may concern


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