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check fines in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most tranquil cities in the world, owing to the government’s strict enforcement of the law. However, officials are likewise concerned with making government operations as easy as possible. For example, you may look up Dubai fines online in a matter of minutes.


Because traffic laws in Dubai are constantly improved and updated, residents sometimes can have doubts and confusion. Ideally, you would want to avoid visa and traffic-related fines at all times. But they are part of the learning process. Especially as an expat, you might take a little time to adjust to the local laws. So, how do you figure out whether or not you’ve been given a ticket? Let’s find out.


How can I check my Dubai fines? Is it possible to check Dubai traffic fines online? How can I verify a Dubai driving license fine? These repetitious inquiries continue to appear on social media. And, because to advances in technology, it is now much easier to pay outstanding penalties.

As previously indicated, the government has made a deliberate effort to make fine checking and payment procedures in Dubai more convenient.

In Dubai, there are several options to check traffic fines, including online portals, applications, and customer service centers. So, keep reading to find out how to check penalties in Dubai.

Website of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is the primary government agency in charge of all transportation-related matters in Dubai. In addition to maintaining and improving infrastructure, the RTA is always working to enhance processes for motorists and pedestrians.

Managing a sophisticated transportation network in a metropolis like Dubai is a monumental challenge. And RTA is a wonderful example of how government assistance and investment can make travel safer and more convenient.

To check penalties in Dubai against your registered car online, go to the RTA website. You may obtain information about the fine by using the following links:

  • Plate Details
  • License Number
  • Fine Number
  • Traffic File Number


After entering the above-mentioned information, click the search button. If there are any fines against your car, you will be notified within seconds. You might also pay the fine through the website. The same procedure is available on the RTA app. It is free to inquire about fines.

Dubai Police Department’s Website

The RTA and the Dubai Police Department collaborate to establish and maintain a secure transportation network. Dubai Police has embraced technology in order to better serve citizens. Smart Police Stations is a prime illustration of this approach shift.

The official Dubai Police website, like the RTA website, offers a variety of services. Drivers may now enquire online about traffic penalties or accrued Black Points and receive infraction notices in their inboxes. You may not only check Dubai RTA fines on the Internet, but you can also pay penalties through the E-payment gateway.

You can look into the following offenses:

  • Individual driver’s license violation determined by driving license number
  • Violation of a specific car recognized by its license plate
  • Violations of the Traffic Code Number are recognized using the T.C. Number.

Emirates Vehicle Gate

You may also view and pay all Dubai penalties on the official Emirates Vehicle Gate website. To do so, you must first create an account on the website.

You may sign up using the following methods:

  • Number of the Traffic Code
  • Number Plate
  • Number of License

Website of the Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of Interior website outlines four methods for checking and paying fines in Dubai. The following are on the list:

Smart Application

  • Examine for penalties
  • Pay any outstanding traffic penalties.


Website as well as Interactive Site

  • Examine for fines
  • Pay any outstanding traffic penalties.


Kiosk for Self-Service (In-person)

  • Examine for fines
  • Pay any outstanding traffic penalties.


Service Stations

  • Pay a visit to the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Service Center.
  • Examine for fines
  • Request the service at the specialized counter.
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Pay any outstanding traffic fines.


These websites and applications allow you to check your non-traffic penalties in Dubai.

Services by Salik

RTA is responsible for Salik Services. However, you may also check the official website for non-traffic offences. You may check and pay penalties through Salik Services, whether you got a citation as a result of improper company operations or a municipal problem. Such services simplify the procedure of Dubai fine investigation.

Municipality of Dubai

To check for unpaid fines, go to the Dubai Municipality’s official website or app. Alternatively, one can visit DM or Ansari Exchange service centers to verify and pay any fines.


Another option to check fines in Dubai is through the DubaiNow website and app. You may check here for any fines levied for infractions in business or at home, as well as driving fines. This is another website you may recommend if someone asks you how to check automobile penalties in Dubai.

The Dubai Police app also allows you to monitor municipal fines.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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