Everything You Should Know About Buying a Car in Dubai

how to buy a car in dubai

Are you new to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai? You’ve probably realized that having a car is a must in Dubai. But don’t worry, buying a car in Dubai is less expensive than importing one. Car showrooms and dealerships are plentiful, so you should have no trouble finding a trustworthy location selling your ideal car.

There is less paperwork and approval time, making the purchasing process less stressful than you are accustomed to.

This article will lead you through all you need to know about buying a car in Dubai, whether new or used, and will answer all of your concerns to save you time and frustration.

how to buy a car in dubai
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What Documents Do I Need to Buy a New Car in Dubai?

If you wish to buy a car in Dubai, you must first ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation.

  • Visa for residence in the UAE (original and copy)
  • Passport (original and copy) (original and copy)
  • Emirates Id
  • International driving license valid in the UAE Driving licenses from specified countries are accepted in Dubai.
  • Insurance policies.


Many dealerships stock major Japanese and American brands such as Toyota and Ford. Because car prices might be three times lower than in the UK, most people are ecstatic when they realize they can easily afford something rather luxurious.

How Do I Buy a Used Car in Dubai?

Don’t have the money to get a new one? That is not an issue. Nearly new autos are frequently available at low prices. There are several cars available in a variety of conditions, models, and prices.

You may just go to 44 Motors on Sheikh Zayed Road and look over their used inventory. You may also visit multi-brand car dealerships like Al-Futtaim Automall or Elite Cars, or just go to the Al Awir complex.

However, secondhand cars have somewhat different standards than new vehicles. When buying a used car in Dubai, you should have the following documents:

  • Visa for residence in the UAE
  • Emirates Id
  • a copy of your passport
  • Car insurance policy copy
  • The previous registration card for the vehicle
  • Dubai requires a valid driving license.
  • Inspection certificate issued by an approved automobile testing facility.
Buy a used Car in Dubai
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What Is the Procedure for Buying a Car in Dubai?

When you’ve decided on a car, the auto dealership will handle the majority of the paperwork for you.

However, if you decide to buy a used vehicle, you will need to transfer ownership of the vehicle. To do so, you and the previous owner must travel to the Traffic Police Station and fill out an application form, as well as give the car’s registration card and insurance certificate.

Is Insurance Required When Buying a Car in Dubai?

Yes, whether you buy a new or old car, you must have car insurance in this country. Car insurance in Dubai ranges from 1.25% to 3% of the car’s worth. It’s also simple to get vehicle insurance online. Your age, credit score, and driving history are all factors that will influence your auto insurance quote. You may instantly obtain quotations from various providers and compare pricing by entering this information.

What Are the Car Registration Fees in Dubai?

You can register the car after the insurance is in place. The new car registration fee is AED 420. You may also be required to open a traffic file, which will cost an extra AED 220.

The cost of used car registration in Dubai is similarly AED 420; however, there are additional expenses related with ownership transfer:

  • AED 170 for Vehicle Technical Inspection
  • AED 350 for ownership transfer
  • AED 220 for Traffic File


You may discover more about these extra costs by visiting the Tasjeel or Shamil centers.

The registration must be done every year, and you will be penalized AED 25 for each month you are late.

Registering a Car in Dubai
Taking the wheel to official ownership

Is it possible to buy a car in Dubai with no deposit required?

A down payment of roughly 20% is usually required to obtain a car loan in the UAE. However, several UAE banks provide down payment assistance to their customers via credit cards. Furthermore, a personal loan does not demand a down payment, so you might use it to buy a car.

When Is the Best Time in Dubai to Buy a Car?

There are a few instances when you will receive the finest discounts and prices on your new car:

Ramadan is one of the greatest months in Dubai to buy a new car since car dealers provide big discounts and begin marketing efforts to entice clients.

National holidays are the perfect time to purchase a car. Dealers provide substantial discounts and unique packages such as cheap down payments and free insurance. You’d save up until New Year’s Eve to buy your ideal automobile.

Is it possible to buy a car in Dubai without a UAE residency?

Unfortunately, a driving license or an Emirates ID resident card, which can only be obtained with a residence visa, is needed to buy a car in Dubai.

This instruction will bring you up to speed. The prerequisites for purchasing a car in Dubai, whether used or new, as well as the legal process, are all detailed in this article to help you with your relocation to Dubai.

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