Renting in Dubai with Roommates

Renting with Roommates in Dubai

Rent is most likely the most expensive every month a person must face. People who have relocated to a foreign nation, in particular, live in leased property. With global inflation on the rise, individuals are seeking for methods to save money today more than ever.

When it comes to strategies to save money, renting with roommates is one of the finest options. Because rent will most certainly consume the majority of your earnings, you might opt to share it with others. This will benefit all parties concerned.

Here’s a rundown of how renting with roommates might benefit you and the legal responsibilities that come with it.


Renting with roommates or subletting means you share your home with other residents. The number of persons renting a home may vary based on the size of the space and the landlord’s willingness.

You can rent a tiny flat or house with just one roommate. If the space is large enough to accommodate a group of people, you can hire it with them as well.


tenant subleases a rented property
Renting with roommates is a low-cost alternative.

There are several benefits to renting with roommates, which are described below:


The most significant cost-cutting aspect of renting with roommates is sharing rent. The roommates split the rent, which is the most expensive cost. Rent is split among all housemates, making it a win-win arrangement for everyone.


If your rent does not include utilities, having roommates might help you save money on utility expenses. Because all of the housemates will use energy, water, internet, and other services, the costs will be shared as well.


While a roommate is unlikely to do this, you do have the option of borrowing any piece of equipment, such as an iron or chargers. If your roommate is willing to share their equipment, you can utilize it in times of need.


Loneliness may sometimes overpower a person. Another instance when roommates may make a difference. You may gather others around you to start conversations and share your experiences.


Renting with roommates might also be beneficial in an emergency. If someone needs medical help and is unable to do it on their own, one of the roommates can contact for help. The same is true for various types of situations.


If any of your neighbors take a comparable commute to work, you can carpool with them. Because gasoline costs have risen over the world, it may be an excellent method to save money. However, this is also dependent on whether the roommate is willing to share the trip.

If this choice does not suit you, you may always take public transportation to save money on gasoline. Public transportation in Dubai may give you with a quick and convenient way to get about the city.


Shared renting
Shared housing can occasionally result in inconveniences and diversions.

Along with all the advantages, renting with roommates has disadvantages as well.


Living with roommates, even if they have separate bedrooms, might compromise your privacy. If roommates share a single room, this may be a problem in particular.


You may find it difficult to share a rental in Dubai due to several distractions. Distractions can be brought on by frequent visits to a communal area of the home or apartment, loud music, and noisy phone conversations.

You may always discuss this matter with your housemates, though.


It wouldn’t be as convenient to throw parties or invite visitors because your housemates would occupy the available places in your home. You could only fit a specific amount of people there due to the limited space.


Tenants are not permitted to dwell in the premises or sublet the premises without the landlord’s permission, according to Article 24 of Law No. 26 of 2007 in the Tenancy Regulating Legislations.

In the article, it says

“The Tenant may not assign the use of or sublease the Real Property to third parties, unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the Lease Contract,” reads the lease contract.

The Landlord’s written approval is acquired.


If a property is subleased without the landlord's consent, the landlord may request that the renters vacate.

Regardless of whether their lease is up, if a tenant sublets a property without the landlord’s consent, they may be ordered to vacate the premises with all subtenants.

According to Article 25 of Law No. 33 of 2008,

In any of the following situations, “The Landlord may seek eviction of the Tenant from the Real Property before the expiry of the Lease Contract term.”

According to Case “b” of the same article,

“When the Tenant sublets the Real Property or any portion thereof without first getting the written consent of the Landlord. The Sub-tenant will be subject to the eviction in this situation and will be entitled to compensation from the Tenant.


Renting agreements between landlords and tenants are regulated under the Ejari system. While it is simple for landlords and tenants to sign up for the system, sub-tenants are subject to a distinct set of regulations on Ejari.

The first step in the process of renting a room with a roommate in Dubai is to register with Ejari. Without the landlord’s consent, a renter cannot use the Ejari system to defend their decision to sublease the property. No registration in the system as a result.


subleasing of property
In Dubai, people of different genders can now live together.

Cohabitation refers to the living together of persons of opposite genders who are not blood relatives. Cohabitation was outlawed in Dubai until late 2020, but now persons of opposing genders can lawfully share a roof.

This applies to all types of accommodations in Dubai, including hotels, residences, and flats for rent.

This was your guide to renting in Dubai with roommates. Renting with roommates offers advantages, and it is advisable to follow the dos and don’ts of renting with roommates to avoid legal ramifications. To avoid future issues, you must be informed of both the tenant’s and the landlord’s rights.

You should analyze all variables before deciding if subletting is the best solution for you. If your house is too large and you don’t want to sublease it but still want to save money, you might choose an alternative renting location. Take your pick from the property for rent in Dubai.

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This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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