The DEWA disconnect process: all you need to know

The DEWA disconnect process

Water and electricity are provided to residential and business organizations in the emirate by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). You would have a DEWA account in your name whether you reside in a villa or an apartment in Dubai. In order to prevent any financial consequences, it is therefore best to be aware of the DEWA disconnection procedure while moving out of the city or changing residences.

How do you approach the procedure? Find out more by reading on.


Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has become even more customer-friendly in recent years, thanks to the digitization of its services. Most things can be done online, whether it’s paying your DEWA bill, establishing a new DEWA connection, or filing a complaint. Similarly, you can complete the DEWA disconnection process online rather than visiting a physical location.

Continue reading to find out how to disconnect your DEWA connection online.


As previously stated, DEWA deactivation can be completed either online or in person at any DEWA Customer Happiness Centre.


The DEWA disconnecting online procedure has two options: with or without login credentials.

  • Those with a DEWA user ID or a UAE Pass should go to the DEWA website, select Consumer, Deactivate electricity/water, and log in to their account.
  • Enter the DEWA contract account number (ten digits) or the UAE Pass. Remember to include only the account number for which the request is being made (if you have multiple accounts).
  • The following step would be to pay the overdue bill. You can pay the final DEWA bill using a credit or debit card.
  • Following payment, you will select your moving out date and provide an active contact number so that a DEWA representative can call you if necessary.
  • At this point, you must also select the payment method for your DEWA security deposit refund. It could be by internet banking or by check.
  • When this process is finished, a move-out notice number will be sent to you through email or SMS. This number can be used for future formal correspondence.

On the day of leaving, the supply will be turned off, and the final meter reading will be recorded.


Don’t worry if you haven’t registered online or if you don’t have access to your DEWA login information. There is another option!

  • Go to the official website and select the Deactivation of Electricity/Water option (move-out).
  • On the left-hand sidebar, there is a ‘Apply Online (without login)’ tab.
    Click here and input your DEWA contract account number of 10 digits and your DEWA premises number of 9 digits.
  • Following that, you will receive an OTP (one-time password) on your registered mobile number or email address.
  • Once logged in, the procedure is the same as described above: pay the bill, select the date of leaving, and select the DEWA security deposit return method.

If your move-out date is in the future, you must pay the final bill later. Please keep in mind that the final bill will be issued within 24 hours of the chosen date and may be covered by the security deposit.

If the bill exceeds the security deposit, a new bill is issued. If the billed amount is less than the security deposit, any remaining funds will be reimbursed via check or online transfer.


If you have an account, you can also ask for disconnection through the DEWA App. The steps are the same as those outlined previously for the official website.


If you want to apply in person, you can use the fax number or submit the appropriate form at a DEWA Customer Happiness Centre. The following information must be provided:

  • Customer Identification Number
  • Disconnection date
  • UAE Phone Number
  • Emirates Identification

After submitting your request, you will be sent a link to select the refund choice as well as the ‘move out notification number.’ As previously indicated, the process of final bill payment and potential security deposit return is the same.


The following are the DEWA disconnection fees:

  • AED 100 for little meters.
  • AED 300 for larger meters
  • AED 10 for knowledge fee
  • AED 10 is the innovation charge.

Thukher and Sanad cardholders receive a 50% reduction on DEWA termination fees.


To transfer your DEWA account using the online application, you must give the following information:

  • The Ejari number and premises number of your new home
  • Your current home’s contract account number
  • The leaving date

You must also pay any overdue bills. After submitting all of the relevant information, you will be given a status tracking number. When the process is finished, you will receive an SMS and an email with your DEWA account information and a link to log in online.

Fill out the online form or visit the RERA-approved typing center if you are relocating through a Property Management Company. Alternatively, you can apply online through DEWA’s official website or Customer Care Centre.

Those relocating to the emirate can transfer their security deposit from their old DEWA account to the new one. If the amount of the remaining DEWA security deposit is insufficient, you will need to transfer funds to make up the difference. Once the security deposit is paid, the water and electricity will be turned on.


DEWA’s contact information is as follows:

Customer Service +971-4-601-9999
WhatsApp: +971-4-601-9999



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