The Full Instructions for Registering your Ejari Online

Registering your Ejari Online

The Ejari tenancy agreement is a crucial and essential component of renting real estate in Dubai. However, for those who have never done it before, enrolling for Ejari online may seem difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, we have put together a thorough instruction on how to quickly and easily validate a tenancy contract in Dubai using the Dubai REST app or the official Ejari website.


The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has launched a program called Ejari, which is Arabic for “my rent,” to control Dubai’s rental market and tenancy agreements. The 2010 initiative mandates the registration of all rental and leasing agreements for real estate in Dubai on the cutting-edge Ejari Dubai platform.

All parties to the tenancy agreement are given protection under the Ejari system. Your rental agreement’s legality and openness are ensured by the Ejari tenancy contract. If a rental disagreement arises and you need to, say, challenge an unjust rent increase in Dubai, the Ejari certificate is also a must.

A unique barcode known as an Ejari number will be assigned after you register your Ejari online or at one of the authorized Ejari centers. It is definitely necessary to provide an authentic Ejari Dubai contract while applying for:

  • Connection to water and electricity (DEWA)
  • Internet and phone connectivity
  • Getting business permits
  • Visas, residences, and other issues

The Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai is attested by the Ejari Dubai certificate. For any of the aforementioned objectives, a copy of your Ejari certificate must be submitted. Anytime it is necessary, Ejari tenancy contract attestation in Dubai may be produced online from the official website.

Online registration and renewal for EJARI

Normally, the landlord or their real estate agency handles the procedure of registering or renewing the Ejari tenancy contract and related expenses. Here is all the information you require in order to register Ejari online.

Channels of Service for EJARI Online Registration

The government has introduced a number of service channels to make the Ejari online registration and renewal procedure simpler. Here is a list of all the service avenues you may use to submit an online Ejari application.

  • Emirates REST App
  • Dubai Now App
  • Website of the Dubai Land Department (Ejari system)
  • Centers for Real Estate Service Trustees

Who Can Log on To Ejari And Register?

On the official Ejari website, an account must be created in order to utilize the online system for registering Ejari. On the official website, only the following individuals are permitted to register for an Ejari account:

  • The property owners or their agents
  • Property management firms that the landlord has appointed
  • Representatives of the tenant and them

Documents Needed for Online Ejari Registration

Need to sign up for Ejari online? The aforementioned documents must be scanned and uploaded for Ejari.

  • Property owner’s passport
  • Emirates tenant identification
  • Renting out the property’s title deed
  • first unified tenancy agreement

It’s recommended to ask your real estate agent whether there are any other requirements for online registration aside from these. The following documents can also be required by Ejari:

  • First unified tenancy agreement
  • The Emirates ID of the applicant
  • When a power of attorney is assigned, the number of the power of attorney must be included without being enclosed (for those issued in Dubai)
  • A power of attorney contained for those issued in Emirates besides Dubai

How to Simply Register

The procedure is really simple if you wish to register Ejari online. They only need to:

  • Visit Dubai REST or the official Ejari website.
  • Open an Ejari account.
  • Complete the form and provide any necessary documentation.
  • Send the application electronically after paying the fees.
  • An application is received and examined by the concerned employee.
  • If the request is granted, the contract registration certificate is delivered by email.

Fees For Online Ejari Registration

Online Ejari registration costs AED 155, VAT excluded.

  • The Knowledge Fee is AED 10
  • The innovation cost is AED 10.

Every time your rental agreement has to be renewed, you must also renew Ejari online. The AED 155 renewal charge for Ejari online also includes VAT.

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