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Dubai is a city that is always changing; it has transformed from a desolate desert to a thriving metropolitan destination with towering buildings and the most modern road and public transit systems. There are ongoing updates taking place across the city, furthering the government’s objective of becoming the world’s ideal smart city. While we can only speculate on what Dubai may look like in the future, inhabitants are currently reaping the benefits and convenience of many smart services, one of which is free RTA services in Dubai. This page will serve as a tutorial for anyone who is unfamiliar with the smart e-Services provided by RTA Dubai. Continue reading to learn about the features of free RTA applications in Dubai, as well as some suggestions on how to get the most of your NOL card.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is the government agency in Dubai in charge of creating, planning, and implementing transport and traffic projects for both private and public transit. RTA Dubai has implemented a number of smart projects in recent years to digitalize and optimize the city’s transportation system, the most prominent of which being the introduction of free RTA applications for public transit passengers and car owners.

Consider the RTA services in Dubai that each of these applications provides.


The Dubai Metro is one of the most popular modes of public transit in the city.
The Dubai Metro is one of the most popular modes of public transit in the city.

Before 2009, Dubai was not the metropolis we know today; if you didn’t possess a vehicle, getting from one place to another would take hours, and the sole mode of public transit was a cab, an abra, or one of the few buses. So much has changed since then: we can now call a cab with a single swipe of the screen, or we may tour the entire city by hopping on a rail, bus, boat, or even a tram! But, with so many public transit alternatives in Dubai, how can you know which one is ideal for you? This is where Dubai RTA Apps come in helpful!

There are now three free Dubai Apps for public transportation users that offer a variety of RTA services in Dubai and may be used to plan any route. They are as follows:

  • Wojhati: A travel planning app that gives a real-time map with bus route and stop timings, key landmarks, and departure and arrival times. If you want to know what time the bus will arrive/depart from the stop you’re at, the Wojhati App is quite useful. You may also obtain live transportation information regarding any delays or diversions. It is now accessible in the Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry app stores.
  • Public Transportation: This app serves as a one-stop shop for all RTA NOL card enquiries and transactions. You may check your NOL card balance and top up your NOL card online using the Public Transport App. You may also monitor your NOL transaction history and learn about all of Dubai’s public transportation options. Only the Apple and Android app stores are currently accessible.
  • S’hail: The free RTA Dubai app functions as a tiny pocket guide for getting about Dubai. You can plan a trip, view available travel options, find the nearest bus/metro station, and even get real-time traffic information. Only the Apple and Android app stores are currently accessible.


Aside than tagging into the Dubai metro, there are other more NOL card applications.

The introduction of the Dubai Metro in 2009 completely altered the city’s dynamics, so much so that residential neighborhoods near metro stations are now regarded to be the most coveted housing units for many Dubai residents. It connected the city like never before, and the introduction of the NOL card was the first step toward transforming the city into a smart city.

Dubai NOL Card Types and Costs

The Dubai NOL card is an electronic payment card for public transit fares. In Dubai, there are five distinct varieties of NOL cards, each with various perks and for different functions at different rates. The following are the current NOL cards that are available:

  • Gold Card – Entitles you to ride only in gold class, at somewhat higher rates. AED 25 with a balance of AED 19
  • Silver Card – Allows you to ride in the Metro’s regular zones. AED 25 with a balance of AED 19
  • Personalised blue card with your registered photo and name.
  • Regular – AED 70 with a credit of AED 20 and Gold – AED 80 with a credit of AED 20
  • Red Card – Ideal for one-time travels. Only good for a single usage. AED 6 with a credit of AED 4
  • Customised Card – Create an eye-catching card with one-of-a-kind designs. AED 30


The NOL card is a multipurpose card with several applications. For those who are unaware, here are six things you may do in Dubai with a NOL card:

  1. Use it to pay for public transportation fares – All public transportation systems in Dubai require you to pay using a NOL card. Entering any kind of public transit in Dubai without properly tagging in with a NOL automobile can result in significant fines.
  2. Pay for your taxi fare – Dubai taxis take cash, credit cards, and even NOL cards as payment – just make sure your card has adequate balance.
  3. Shop at Zoom, Burger King, Circle K, and more locations! – RTA just announced that the Dubai NOL card may be used to make transactions at over 1,000 retail establishments.
  4. Use it to enter public parks – You may use your NOL card to enter public parks such as Zabeel and Mushriff.
  5. Pay for parking – Your NOL card may be used to pay for parking at paid parking meters across the city.
  6. Collect discounts – RTA Dubai has announced that public transportation passengers would be able to earn points on their NOL card (1 point for every AED 2 spent while traveling) that can subsequently be redeemed for discounts at retailers and eateries.


There are several RTA applications for public transit in Dubai, but automobile owners need not despair! In Dubai, there are exactly as many RTA applications for car owners as there are for public transportation users. Here are the top 5 auto applications in Dubai that provide a variety of RTA smart services such as diving license renewal, vehicle registration, fine payment, and more.

RTA Dubai: If you own a car, you need this app! Do you want to pay your car fines online? Perhaps you want to know how to renew your Dubai driving license online. The RTA Dubai app is a versatile software that lets you perform all of this and more. You can even pay for parking, top up your Salik balance, and instantaneously communicate with an RTA agent. Only the Apple, Android, and Windows shops are now accessible.

RTA Smart Drive is similar to Google Maps for Dubai. The RTA smart drive app provides maps and instructions to all locations in Dubai, as well as live traffic warnings. The best thing is that this intelligent software in Dubai also works offline! Only the Apple and Android app stores are currently accessible.

Smart Salik: This app is designed specifically for managing your Salik account on the go. Users may use this Salik app to check their balance, recharge any account, view/download statements, access information material, and much more. It is now accessible in the Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry app stores.

Dubai Drive: Another smart app in Dubai that allows you to examine expanded facts about your car registration, parking services, and Salik. Only the Apple and Android app stores are currently accessible.


With all of these applications accessible, there is no need to worry about rushing to the RTA service centers in Dubai. All you need to do is ensure that these applications are installed, and you’re ready to go! Here is a list of everything you can do with the RTA Dubai smart apps:

  • You must pay for your parking. (Hint: If you use the RTA App, you will not be charged the additional amount that comes with sending an SMS.)
  • View and replenish your Salik balance.
  • Contact an RTA representative.
  • Keep your paperwork, such as your driver’s license and car registration, safe.
  • You can renew your driver’s license or car registration.
  • View and pay penalties assessed against your car.
  • Get real-time traffic updates.
  • Discover the nearest Dubai public transit to you.



That’s all there is to it! Your definitive guide to using RTA services in Dubai. Whether you own a car or rely only on Dubai’s public transit system, having these free RTA applications on your smartphone will undoubtedly make your life simpler. These applications are definitely a godsend for us all, so make sure you have them loaded and are familiar with all of their functions. If you want to be more tech-savvy, consider acquiring these fantastic smart home equipment and simply transform your Dubai house into a smart home.

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