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GDRFA Services

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, or GDRFA, is a Dubai-based government agency charged with overseeing foreign nationals’ residence and international travelers’ admission and leave. The organization, which is considered among the best ports and border directorates in the world, handles applications from thousands of tourists to the UAE each year.


The visitors and foreign residents of Dubai are directly impacted by GDRFA’s services. As a result, the organization is essential to assisting and facilitating the entrance and departure (clearing) of those who travel to or live in Dubai. Also, it allows talented people to work for UAE-based organizations and support their families. The emirate receives significant economic contributions from foreign professionals and tourists who relocate there. And none of this is feasible without the incredibly effective GDRFA services.

The regulatory body has reduced its processes over time, generating rapid, prompt replies. By visiting one of the service centers scattered across the city, you can make a service request online through the official GDRFA website.


Following is a list of the most well-known GDRFA services.

Book Services for Families

GDRFA is in charge of all things regarding to the Family Book. This includes adding a new child to the books, replacing a damaged or destroyed book, canceling a registration, and other services. It also covers services/modification of the book related to marriage or separation.

Passport Service

A damaged or lost passport can be replaced, a foreign wife (who is the husband’s dependent) can get a passport, a newborn kid can get a passport, and an electronic passport can be issued. Moreover, they provide passport renewals as one of their services.

Services for Entry Permits

The range of services offered by the GDRFA for entry permits includes requests for residence entry permits, long- or short-term visit visas, and visit visa renewals or cancellations.

Services for Residents

The GDRFA’s jurisdiction also includes residency-related services. So, you must get in touch with GDRFA if you seek a new visa, visa renewal, or a residency permit update. The inclusion or deletion of escort services, a change in status, a transfer of a residency permit, and its revocation are all also accepted at GDRFA. Checking your visa status in the UAE is one of the online services offered by the GDRFA.

Users can discover their Unified Number through the GDFRA Enquiry Service.

Control Services at Borders

The GDRFA watches and logs every entry via the ports, whether it is by land, air, or sea.

Institutional Support Services

Process requests at the supporting establishments are part of the GDRFA’s establishment support services. They include promoting any business’s electronic services site, prohibiting services, and enterprise representatives’ services.

Controlling Violation

The main areas of focus for the Violation Control department are border control, violation control (documentation), and follow-up with offenders. It guarantees that the system is not abused and that everyone in Dubai abides by the established legal protocol.

150 Mobile Services

You can use this service to find out information regarding residence, entry permits, or overstays. These services are available to both private individuals and companies.


An SMS-based reminder and invite service is called Jadeed. You may sign up to get notifications about the following services:

  • Establishment Card Expiry Reminder
  • Passport Expiry Reminders For UAE Residents
  • Residence Expiry Reminder
  • GITEX Invitations
  • DSF Invitations
  • Passport Expiry Reminder for UAE Nationals
  • E-Gate Card Expiry Reminder
  • Security Messages
  • RSA Token Reminders to Establishments
  • Website SMS Messages
  • Web Portal SMS Messages

The IVR Services

Any establishment can ask for information on the people they have sponsored using the IVR system. Four different report kinds are now available upon request.

  • Valid Entry Permit report
  • Entry Permit violator’s report
  • Valid Residence report
  • Residence violator’s report

Services Barq

You may apply for any document with Barq Services from the comfort of your residence or place of employment. A member of the delivery team will compile all the paperwork and follow all the procedures. Once the document is prepared, delivery to a home or business will be done.

Extraordinary Guest Services

This is a unique service provided by a sponsor to those who often go to Dubai. Advantages comprise:

  • An E-Gate card allows quick and easy entry and exit.
  • Renewal of the subscription rather than re-registration.
  • One-time payment facility rather than paying every time for a new visa.
  • Specified gateway for DG(s) and E-Gate cardholders.


To ensure that fraud is not committed, GDRFA and Dubai Health Authority share data in this way.

Smart Gate

E-gates and manual passport control counters can be replaced with Smart Gate, which is faster. It enables travelers to complete immigration processes without an immigration officer’s help. Passengers can utilize their passports, e-gate cards, Emirates IDs, or QR codes at the Smart Gate.

Al Saada

The GDRFA launched the Al Saada card as a loyalty rewards program. Tourists and companies (for workers) can sign up for this card to receive discounts on a variety of goods and services.



800-5111 is the customer service number for GDRFA. If you need help, a GDRFA customer service agent will do their best to address your question. You may also utilize the Amer E-chat feature to ask inquiries.


Visit one of the GDRFA’s Customer Service Centers to seek any of the organization . it includes.

  • GDRFA Head Quarters, Al Jaffilya
  • Tawar Center Section
  • Hatta Section
  • Free Zone Section- Dubai International Airport
  • Airport Services Center
  • Almanara Center Section
  • Alissely section

These services are also provided by Amer Centers in Dubai. Visit the GDRFA’s website to access its online services.

Our analysis of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs services is now complete. The organization controls visitors, residents, and employees in Dubai and upholds law and order. You may create a GDRFA login and use the services by going to the official website. For a hassle-free experience, you might also download the GDRFA app.

Thus, now you are conscious of where to go to whether you are updating an official document, inviting a professional for your business, or sponsoring a family member. Before you begin the process, educate yourself on the various visa categories. For instance, you can consider a Dubai tourist visa or an investor visa. The Dubai family visa is a different popular category of visa.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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