List of Arabic Real Estate Words in the UAE and Their Meaning

Arabic real estate terms

Buying a property in the UAE is a complicated decision because there are several possibilities accessible. To make matters worse, several terminology, mostly Arabic, might be perplexing, particularly for first-time house buyers. This is why we’ve developed a list of key Arabic real estate phrases and their definitions. While dealing with a property in the UAE, every homebuyer must be aware with these essential real estate terms.

Understanding these Arabic real estate terms can help boost your confidence as you begin the home-buying process. Continue reading to learn the meanings of strange property jargons you may encounter in the UAE.


Arabic real estate terms
Understanding Arabic real estate terms will assist you in making buying decisions.

The list below includes some of the most often used Arabic property terms in the UAE real estate industry.


In Dubai, Ejari is a standard way to set up tenancy contracts. If you are looking to find a rental property in Dubai, this is one of the most common Arabic real estate words you will come across. Moreover, Ejari is a required document for making DEWA connections, visa requirements, and other internet or phone service. 


Makani literally means “my location” in Arabic. Each building in the UAE is issued a 10-digit smart addressing scheme. With the use of geo-tagging, the unique Makani number kindly fill the exact position of the building.

With cellphones, laptops, and navigation systems, you may quickly move about the Emirate using the Makani number. For more information, you may download this useful real estate app from (Android | iOS).


Tawtheeq, like Ejari, is one of the most common Arabic phrases you could encounter while renting a house in Abu Dhabi. It is a tenancy contract validation system required in Abu Dhabi regulation for the efficient registration of tenancy contracts and landlord and tenant rights.

Furthermore, the system offers a variety of services such as utility connection, parking permits, visa and dependant sponsorship, and more. Tawtheeq can be renewed online by landlords or tenants once it has expired.


Rental Good Conduct Certificate
Brokers in Dubai can obtain a license through the Trakheesi system.

Once again, it is one of the most important Arabic real estate words in the UAE. The Trakheesi system in Dubai authorizes and licences brokers and real estate professionals. The intelligent technology enables real estate brokers to complete deals via the DLD website. The system offers real estate services such as advertising permissions, estate licenses for agencies, Ecards to realtors and brokers, and so on. 


Tasdeeq is a digital solution for Ajman tenancy contracts. To avoid future disputes, it approves and finalizes the tenancy agreement documentation. Ajman Municipality and Planning Department introduced the service to provide property registration, leasing contract authentication for economic operations, lease contract cancellation service, and other services.


Contracts is the Arabic version of the English phrase Oqood. UAE Real Estate Solutions established a user-friendly online system to handle and register off-plan property contracts between buyers and developers. The platform also supervises and monitors Dubai’s off-plan property sector in order to promote transparency and investor trust.


DLD introduced Ijarah as a leasing system

The Dubai Land Department created the Ijarah leasing system. It is sometimes referred to as rent-to-own property. Ijarah is a lease arrangement in which a bank rents property in exchange for rental payments for a certain length of time. Once the payments are completed and the financial tenure is completed, the bank transfers the property title to the consumer.


It is once again a government investment partnership that allows the owner to build a property on leased land for a set length of time (usually up to 50 years). The contract was created to attract investors to build without acquiring the land. After a specified period, the project assets and land ownership are returned to the government.


Estidama is a derivation of the Arabic term for sustainability. It is widely utilized in the real estate industry of Abu Dhabi. It is an important component of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, contributing to the sustainability of real estate projects that use the Pearl Rating System. According to the Estidama, the building must receive at least one Pearl Rating, while government-funded institutions must have at least two Pearl Ratings.

This ends our list of Arabic real estate terms in the UAE. Understanding these words will assist you while buying or leasing a property in the UAE.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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