Everything we know so far about the UAE’s new visa rules.

UAE's new visa rules.

The UAE visa system will undergo significant changes beginning in September 2022, according to the government. These revisions, together with other attractive immigration and investment opportunities, will guarantee that the UAE continues to attract the greatest people from across the world. Furthermore, the UAE’s new visa regulations will benefit investors, students, and talented professionals, among others.

New visa requirements in the UAE

The new visa system in the UAE is excellent news for anyone who wants to invite a family member or visit the country to hunt for work. While full information have yet to be released, we do know the fundamentals.

Visa for job exploration

Many young professionals travel to the UAE in search of exciting career possibilities. The new employment exploration entry visa, in particular, will help in this endeavor.

Because of the UAE’s new visa system, applicants for this visa will not need a host or sponsor. Anyone who has graduated from one of the world’s top 500 colleges and has a skill level of one, two, or three (as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) will be eligible to apply.

Tourist visa with multiple entries

The newly established visa requirements also include a new 5-year tourist visa, which means travellers no longer need a sponsor to apply. The visa can be renewed for another 90 days if you remain for 90 days in a row. However, the maximum number of days allowed in the UAE each year is 180.

Candidates must include with their application a six-month bank statement showing a minimum balance of $4,000 (in any currency).

Visas for family members

The recent visa amendments in the UAE are great news for citizens’ families. Parents can now sponsor their unmarried daughter indefinitely and their son indefinitely up to the age of 25. Previously, the age limit for boys was 18. Green visa holders may bring any first-degree relatives who may stay as long as the resident’s Green visa is valid.

Furthermore, regardless of age, children with impairments will be granted a permanent residency permit.

Family and domestic workers – golden visa

The Golden Residence Scheme has been modified in accordance with the UAE’s new visa criteria. The goal is to broaden the categories of beneficiaries while simplifying the eligibility conditions.

A Golden Residence holder may sponsor family members of any age, as well as domestic staff. Furthermore, one can leave the nation for any length of time without losing the Golden Residence.

Another advantage is that if the Golden Residence visa holder dies, their family members can remain in the country until the permission expires.

Scientists – Golden Visa

The Emirates Scientists Council can propose highly qualified scientists and researchers for this visa category. A PhD or a Master’s degree in technology, engineering, natural sciences, or biological sciences is required. Individuals who have made significant contributions to research will be evaluated for this category.

Skilled Professionals – Golden Visa

New professions are being added to the list of occupations that qualify for the skilled professionals’ golden visa. Science and engineering, medicine, information technology, education, business and administration, social sciences, law, and culture have all been included to the list.

Applicants must be in possession of a valid work contract. Furthermore, the employment must be designated as first or second occupational level by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

In terms of education, the applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree and a monthly income of AED 30k or higher.

Exceptional Talents – Golden Visa

This sort of visa is given only on the basis of talent, regardless of qualification, monthly wage, or job position. A federal or local government organization grants permission or makes a recommendation. Sportsmen and women, artists, digital technology experts, cultural workers, inventors, and innovators are all eligible to apply for the visa.

Golden Visa – Investors in Real Estate

A Golden visa as a real estate investor can be obtained by investing a minimum of AED 2 million. With the UAE visa system upgrade, investors may now obtain a resident visa while purchasing a property with a loan from a local bank.

They can also obtain Golden Residence by purchasing one or more off-plan homes valued AED 2 million or more from certain recognized local real estate firms.

Entrepreneurs – Golden Residence

This visa may be granted to anybody who owns or collaborates in a UAE-registered start-up in the small and medium company categories. However, the company must earn AED 1 million in yearly sales.

Assume a person was one of the founders of an entrepreneurial project that was sold for at least AED 7M. In that situation, they will be eligible for Golden Residence as well. A competent municipal authority or the Ministry of Economy will grant the visa.

Students and Graduates – Golden Visa

This visa is intended for high achievers from UAE secondary schools, UAE colleges, and the world’s top 100 institutions. The primary selection criteria are graduation year, academic achievement, and university classification.

Green Visa for Skilled Employees and Contractors

Skilled workers and freelancers will also benefit greatly from the UAE’s new visa policies. Those with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum salary of AED 15k can apply for a 5-year residence visa for skilled workers. Applicants are not required to apply via an employer or a sponsor.

Investor or Partner Green Visa

The goal of this resident visa is to attract investors. Individuals who develop or participate in commercial activity are eligible for the five-year residence for investors. Previously, this visa had a two-year validity period.

For the new Green Visa, investors would need to show authorisation and proof of investment. If a person holds more than one license, the total invested capital will be scrutinized.

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