Top 10 Real Estate Agent Apps in the UAE

Real Estate Apps for Agents

The real estate sector in the UAE is one of the most competitive and fast-paced in the world. To keep ahead of the competition, run their business, and deliver the best services to their clients, real estate agents in the UAE require the correct tools. In today’s digital age, real estate agents rely on mobile applications to run their companies, remain organized, and access critical information on the move. After that, we’ll look at some of the best real estate apps for UAE agents.


As a real estate agent in the UAE, you must be continuously on the go, engaging with customers and being up to speed on the latest property listings.

There are several tools that may help you streamline your work, from handling leads to producing virtual tours. These UAE real estate agent applications can help you succeed as a real estate agent as well. That being stated, let’s have a look at some of the most popular real estate apps for agents in the UAE.


Dubzzle is a popular real estate app for agents in the UAE.
Dubzzle is a popular real estate app for agents in the UAE. (Image source: Dubizzle)

dubizzle is a popular UAE real estate app that provides agents with access to a large inventory of homes for sale or rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. Agents may use the app to search for homes based on location, price, and other parameters, and then interact with property owners or other agents directly. To assist agents keep on top of their company, dubizzle also provides tools for monitoring property listings, tracking leads, and providing reports. Whether you want to buy or rent a villa in Dubai.

Download the dubizzle app: Android | iOS


Bayut is a further popular real estate app in the UAE, giving agents access to thousands of homes for sale or rent around the nation. Agents may use the app to search for homes that meet their clients’ needs and preferences, see high-quality photographs and videos, and communicate directly with property owners or other brokers. The app also includes live chat assistance, property notifications, and price trend research, making it a one-stop shop for real estate brokers.

In addition, you may enroll in Bayut Academy and attend unique interactive training for agents.

Download Bayut app: Android | iOS


real estate agents need an advertisement permit from DLD
Real estate agents should have the DLD app.

For real estate professionals working in Dubai, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) app is a must-have. The app gives users access to a variety of DLD services, such as property registration, title deed issuing, and transaction tracking. Agents may use the app to submit and track property-related papers, pay fees online, and get transaction progress updates. The app also includes property appraisal tools and information on Dubai’s real estate regulations.


If you’re a real estate agent who wants to register your rental clients’ Ejari, the Dubai Rest app might be one of the most useful real estate applications for realtors in the UAE. Ejari is a tenancy contract regulating effort launched by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). All rented properties in the emirate are required to have a contract. You may also register for Ejari using the REST app.

The Dubai REST app, in addition to offering the Ejari service, provides a multitude of tools for both real estate professionals and clients. The app offers a section with information about registered brokers, which might be valuable when renting or buying property in Dubai.

Additionally, the app delivers the most recent transactions and property data straight from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), as well as the current status of real estate developments in the Emirate.

Download the Dubai Rest app: Android | iOS


Property Monitor is an app that delivers real-time property data, market trends, and analytics to agents. The best property app for agents in the UAE enables agents to monitor their listings, watch their competitors, and gain insight into the most recent market trends. Property Monitor includes features such as automatic property appraisals and notifications, making it an excellent tool for real estate brokers who want to keep ahead of the competition.

Download the Property Monitor app: Android | iOS


MagicPlan is a cutting-edge tool that allows real estate brokers to use their smartphone or tablet to create floor plans and 3D models of properties. The program employs augmented reality to measure and map out rooms, walls, and windows, allowing realtors to swiftly prepare precise floor layouts. This software is an excellent resource for real estate brokers who wish to present their clients with an engaging and immersive experience.

Download the MagicPlan app: Android | iOS


Another app that assists agents in calculating mortgage payments, monthly rent, return on investment, and other financial indicators connected to real estate is Real Estate Calculator. This program is extremely beneficial for real estate brokers that work with investment homes or commercial properties. The Real Estate Calculator is simple to use and produces reliable results, making it an essential tool for every agent operating in the UAE.

Download the Real Estate Calculator app: Android


DocuSign is a popular tool that allows agents to electronically sign and deliver documents. This software eliminates the need for agents who are always on the go to print, scan, or fax papers, making it a time-saving tool. DocuSign is a safe and legally binding platform for real estate transactions.

Download the DocuSign app: Android | iOS


Zoom may be used by real estate agents to have virtual meetings with clients.

Real estate professionals can utilize Zoom for virtual property tours, client meetings, and other real estate-related tasks. Here are some pointers for properly utilizing Zoom as a real estate agent:

  • Utilize Zoom for virtual property tours: Zoom allows you to visually walk customers around a property, pointing out details and answering questions in real time. You may also record the tour and share it with customers who were unable to attend the live tour.
  • Conduct virtual client meetings: Instead of meeting in person, you may hold virtual meetings with clients using Zoom. This can save time and make things easier for clients who can’t meet in person.


Download the Zoom app: Android | iOS


For real estate agents who need to engage with customers and colleagues remotely, Google Meet is an amazing tool. Google Meet allows you to hold video meetings, share your screen, and work in real time from any location with an internet connection.

Download the Google Meet app: Android | iOS

Real estate agents in the UAE may benefit greatly from adopting mobile apps to run their businesses and remain up to date on market trends. The apps mentioned above are only a handful of the several tools available to assist agents in succeeding in the UAE’s highly competitive real estate market. Agents may save time, enhance productivity, and deliver better service to their clients by using these applications.

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