Your guide to public transportation in Business Bay

Public Transport in Business Bay: Metro, Taxis, Buses

Do you live or work in Business Bay but lack transportation? Don’t be concerned! In Business Bay, there are several public transportation alternatives. Business Bay, one of Dubai’s major commercial areas, is well-served by public transportation. Let’s discover more about Business Bay public transportation, including the Red Line metro station, RTA bus routes, vehicle rental options, and taxis!


Here are the many public transportation alternatives for getting around Business Bay.


The bustling commercial district is served by a dedicated Dubai Metro station on the Red Line, simply named as ‘Business Bay.’ The Business Bay Metro Station is located near the Escape Tower and MBK Tower, between Onpassive Metro Station and Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station.

Travelers may utilize the Business Bay Metro Station to go to Dubai’s key districts and landmarks, such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai International Airport, via the Red Line.

Travelers may also access Green Line stations by transferring to the BurJuman Metro Station or the Union Metro Station. The Business Bay Metro Station links to these prominent Dubai Metro transportation stations on the Green and Red Lines.

Business Bay Metro Dubai
The Business Bay Metro Dubai Station gives convenient access to the city's key regions.

Travel times from Business Bay to major metro stations are listed below:

  • 2 minutes to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall
  • 10 minutes to the Mall of the Emirates
  • 18 minutes for DMCC
  • 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport (Airport Terminal 1)
  • 14 minutes Burjuman
  • 17 minutes for the union


Because Commercial Bay is a busy business zone, users of public transportation will find lots of taxis in the area. For increased convenience, travelers may book Dubai Taxis in Business Bay in advance using their phone or utilize the Hala Taxi area of the Careem app.

Contact: +971-4-208-0808

Dubai Taxis
Business Bay's public transit system provides convenient access to the rest of Dubai.

Please keep in mind that if you reserve your cab in advance, the taxi meter will begin at a higher fare.


Are you looking for a quick method to navigate about Business Bay and the surrounding areas? The RTA has allowed pay-ride automobile rental services for car-sharing companies such as Uber, UDrive, and Ekar.

To navigate about Dubai, travelers may use the app to book, locate, open, and start a rental car. You may share a ride, lease a car, or arrange for a single pick-up and drop-off.

Contact the service provider at the following phone for additional information on these Business Bay car rentals:

Uber: 800-172-956
UDrive: 800-837-483
Ekar: 600-567-564


Business Bay has three water taxi stations: Dubai Design District, Al Marasi Station, and Al Wajeha Al Maeyah Station. Water Taxis in Dubai have around 40 stations that connect various neighborhoods and attractions throughout the city.

Water taxis in Business Bay are also a form of public transportation in the area.


The RTA Bus system also serves Business Bay effectively, with stations located throughout the neighborhood. Users of public transportation will be relieved to learn that the Business Bay Metro Station is served by a plethora of feeder buses. All of the main skyscrapers in the area are served by Business Bay feeder buses F14, F20, F41, F19A, and F19B.

Feeder and local RTA buses are inexpensive ways of transportation in Business Bay.
  • The F14 bus service makes stops at U Bora Towers, Mayfair Residency, Bay Square, Burj Views, and South Ridge.
  • F19A makes stops at the Lillian Tower, the U Bora Towers, and the Capital Golden Tower.
  • East Height Towers, Lake Central Towers, South Ridge, Burj Views, and Bay Square are all served by F19B.
  • The Binary Towers, Canal Views Hotel Apartments, Mayfair Residency, and U Bora Towers are all served by F41.


Other Business Bay bus routes include:

  • The Dubai Mall, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Academic City, and International City are all served by Bus 50.
  • Bus 7 makes stops at City Walk, Jumeirah 1, and Satwa.
  • Bay Square 1, Al Nahda 1, and Qusais Industrial Area are all served by Bus X22.
  • Bus F20 stops at Business Bay Seaside Metro Bus Stop, Emarat Headquarters 2, Street 35Al Wasl, Street 35, Al Ittihad Health Center, Al Wasl, Street 35, and Al Ittihad Health Center, Al Wasl, Street 35A.


The RTA, Dubai Police, and other government organizations guarantee that everyone uses public transportation in Dubai safely. The emirate has a strong safety record, and most visitors and residents can get around using all kinds of public transportation. The emirate is also one of the safest places in the world for women.

It is simple to navigate about Dubai using numerous kinds of transportation thanks to the emirate’s large public transit system. Travelers may utilize RTA services and public transportation applications like S’hail to see bus schedules in Business Bay and plan their trips.

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