How to Apply for a Real Estate Advertisement Permit in Dubai

real estate advertisement permit

Dubai is a real estate boom, with several off-plan developments under construction. To promote freshly created properties, real estate developers, builders, and brokers place advertising for new projects on various platforms. When these real estate adverts generate a rush of bids, there is a risk of overselling or over-committing.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has created a tool to help real estate developers and brokers get a permit for real estate advertising in Dubai. It will assist to increase transparency in the buying and selling process because ad posters must have a permit and will face fines if they violate legislation.

Let’s go through the entire process and documentation needed to get a real estate advertising permit in Dubai.


real estate agents need an advertisement permit from DLD
Real estate agents in Dubai must get a DLD advertisement permit in order to market property for rent or sale.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has taken action to regulate advertising, marketing, and real estate exhibitions. A broker must have the following papers before beginning the application process for a permit, whether advertising for selling or renting a house in Dubai:

  • Form A from the RERA forms must be signed by the property owner in order for the agent to market their property on internet portals.
  • The title deed
  • Copies of the property owner’s or representative’s Emirates ID or passport

DLD strongly recommends brokers and agents to obtain a permit. If they do not file for a real estate advertisement permit in Dubai and market a property, they will be fined AED 50,000 and may face further fines.

The entire service conditions, criteria, method, and fees for requesting a real estate advertising permit in Dubai are listed below.


posting an ad on a property portal
To avoid fines, you must get a permit prior to organizing an exhibition, seminar, or posting an ad on a property portal.

The Dubai Land Department’s real estate advertisement permit service is only for the following sorts of marketing and advertising:

  • Advertisements in newspapers, SMS, external, car, classified printed, electronic, or billboard forms
  • Campaigns for promotion, open days, real estate shows, and off-the-plan project inauguration ceremonies
  • Platforms for real estate promotion
  • Real estate seminars

Real estate developers in Dubai will need a permit for the above types of promotions and marketing. Real estate brokerage companies will also require an advertising permit in order to post advertisements or host an exhibition.

One month before the exhibition, real estate brokers must submit complete documentation. Moreover, DLD does not allow property sales during exhibits. Initial registration and bookings are, however, permitted.

Real estate brokers and developers cannot show off-plan properties unless they have a registered escrow account.


Provide the relevant documentation based on the kind of real estate advertisement permit.

Applicants must provide the following papers in order for a real estate advertisement permit to be issued in Dubai:

  • Billboard advertising or promotional campaigns
    • Form of advertisement copy
  • To hold a real estate exhibition
    • Ejari contract for the site on which the show will be held
    • List of real estate companies taking part in the expo
  • The project will be launched.
    • The site’s contract with Ejari
    • The hotel’s no-objection certificate (NOC).
  • Permit for real estate marketing platforms
    • Platform design copy that specifies its dimensions
    • The platform contract Ejari
  • Permit to attend a real estate symposium
    • Reservation of hotel rooms
    • Full list of debate topics


submit the documents, DLD
DLD will review and accept your application when you submit the paperwork, and you will obtain a permit after you pay the costs.

These easy procedures will assist you in obtaining a real estate advertisement permit in Dubai using the Trakheesi system or the Dubai REST app:

  • Create an account or log into the Trakheesi system (for all real estate permits).
  • Log into the Dubai REST app (for electronic, classified, billboard or SMS advertisement permit)
  • Choose the service to request a real estate advertisement permit in Dubai.
  • Complete the application, submit the required documents and apply through the electronic system.
  • Once DLD verifies and approves the application, applicants will receive an email.
  • Select ‘Payment Method and pay the fees.
  • You will receive a permit to advertise real estate in Dubai.


DLD has set prices based on the type of advertisement or show. Applicants must pay AED 1,000 in fees and AED 10 in innovation and knowledge fees, totaling AED 1,020 for the following permits:

  • Newspaper ads
  • SMS ads
  • External ads
  • Vehicle ads
  • Printed ads
  • Electronic ads
  • Billboards ads
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Open day events
  • Classifieds ads
  • Real estate promotion
  • platforms or symposiums

Real estate agents and developers must pay a charge of AED 5,000 in additional to AED 10 in knowledge and innovation costs. The cost of holding a project inauguration event is AED 5,020.

Brokerages must pay AED 10,200 for the initial reservation of a real estate expo. Each exhibitor will be able to redeem AED 1,020.


DEWA payments via credit card
Submit the documents online and pay the costs using Noqodi, e-Dirham, or a debit or credit card.

The following methods of payment allow for simple fee processing and a hassle-free approach for obtaining a real estate advertisement in Dubai:

  • Noqodi
  • e-Dirham
  • Credit or debit card

This completes the process through which a real estate professional obtains a permit to advertise the property. Furthermore, in order to pursue a real estate career, a professional must get a real estate activity practice card in Dubai from DLD.

This article is only offered for educational purposes, providing a general understanding of its material, including relevant laws and regulations, and is not meant to provide specific legal advice. The Blog is not meant to take the place of qualified guidance from a licensed professional.

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